Is My Relationship With God As Good As Yours? 

Today I realised something… Something I had never really thought of… That is how special each of our relationships are with Jesus. I was praying and I thought, ‘I wonder how others talk to God’, ‘what do their prayers sound like’. That is when it hit me that our relationship with Jesus is very different from the next persons; it is unique and special. God loves that, He loves us all individually, our little quirks and ways. I feel a lot that I have to change for other people and while that is not true it does not stop me feeling that way. But God is one person that we can be ourselves with. He excepts for who we are; the unclean and sinful. God looks at each of our relationships differently, He loves each of them differently but no less than each other. I think about it in the terms of my family. I have a dissimilar relationship with my mum than my brother does, because we are different people, we think differently, we act differently but it does not mean to say that my mum loves one of us more than the other, she values the unique relationships and loves equally. And that is how God works. He loves you the same as the person next to you, the same as the vicar, the same as your friend, the same as the rich, the same as the poor. God is not picky, God even loves messy people. 
To me that means that we need to rid of this feeling that God does not love us as much as someone else. It is hard when we have a low opinion of ourselves but that is something we have to chat to Him about. Just because it appears that God is helping them more or blessing them more does not mean to say God has made you less of a priority. Instead of worrying about how God is helping others focus on your relationship with Jesus. Find ways that make his voice clearer, find ways that you feel his love, because I promise you, even when you can not feel God’s love, it does not mean that He stopped loving you. 
God Bless
Amelia-Jane ❤


Well God Well And Truly Shut That Door!

We often hear about God shutting doors, but for a while I did not really understand what that actually meant, now yes I do. Things happen in life, they even often seem to be going well, we think to ourselves, ‘wow, okay this is actually working out, it seems right and I like it’, when in fact sometimes God has another route. Our journeys can very quickly change direction, whether that be; jobs, friendships, relationships, anything that can be changed it might just. Personally, I do not like change and I hate things that I like being taken away from me. Me and change do not make a good match, I tend to stumble when things change, I find it hard to adjust and well I know I am not the only one who is like that.

God shutting doors is very much like that. They divert us from the path that we thought we were about to go down. It hurts, sometimes the door actually feels like it has been slammed in our face, honestly it ain’t pretty. Sometimes when something is shaken from us we end up crying, feeling rubbish and just standing still for a while, if that is you do not worry you are certainly not on your own. Recently I feel like God is shutting a lot of doors, some harder than others and after this has happened it is often difficult to find the light switch to turn the light on to see where we are to go next. The light, well that is Jesus, when we feel in despair we have to look to Jesus and say ‘okay, I trust you’. Read your Bible, pray or put on your favourite worship song, NEVER take your eyes off Jesus. Jesus’ light will direct you to all the doors God has opened for you, the right ones, the ones that will keep you close to God, the ones that God has prepared for you.

I know you all have the question, why does God shut doors?? yep, that was certainly mine last week, well God shuts doors because the thing that door was leading you to was not the place you were meant to go to, it was not the job you were supposed to have and it was not the relationship you were supposed to pursue. God ultimately knows what is right for you, He has already laid down the plan. What you have to do is trust God, trust that the things he takes from you will make you a person closer to God without them. Trusting can be hard, I will give you that, and when some things happen you are going to think to yourself, ‘God why did you give me something and then take it away??’ But if you can just find that little bit of trust left it will grow and grow and it will soon become apparent why those things happened, why God shut that door. God shut that door for better things to come.

Keep trusting and keep believing that God has the ultimate plan.

God Bless

Amelia-Jane ❤

The Greater The Storm, The Louder Our Song!

Quite right! Storms (real ones and mental ones and all the other ones), at the minute, seem to be currently hitting left, right and centre. It might seem like when we finally escape from one another one hits us right on the face. We can constantly feel trapped and broken, leading to tiredness and a feeling of ”maybe I should just give up”. In church and wherever we may be everyone’s storms are unique, we all have different problems and worries and anxieties. Sometimes it is hard for us to understand why someone is getting upset over something that seems so small to you but in fact is a mountain to them. God is the only one who completely understands everything. He understands why you cried yesterday and why you could not sleep last night. He gets it! So answer this, if God gets it, why do you not talk to Him about it?? 

Personally, I am a massive culprit for this, I try and fix the things that are getting me down, but no matter how many times I go to the gym I will never be strong enough to try and calm the storm and move the mountains myself! That is why God is there to help! We need to put our hands up and admit that by our own little selves we are weak but we know that God is stronger than anything, He is above all! He is the God that can move mountains! He will not fail you! Call on him; pray, shout, worship. He is not like the RAC, the people we call when we need them because we broke down… we always need God, even on the good days. Granted on the bad days when the storms are so much they knock us to the ground we do feel we need God just a bit more than normal, but we always need Him. His heart is open, His strength is always there, He never weakens. Through the storms and through the nice sunny weather our songs of worship and praise should always be heard. If we spend more time praising God our hearts will align more with His and that is when the storms will begin to become less and less and our trust in God will become more and more. It is hard, honestly I am rubbish at remembering to pray and all that good stuff but at the end of the day it is something we need to make sure we are doing. 

Through everything, even our biggest storms are songs of praise and thanksgiving should be so loud that beauty is radiated from us, the beauty of Jesus. No storm is too big for God to handle. If we remember who our God is, He will carry us through!

Keep praising! 

The greater our storm, the louder our song!

God Bless

Amelia-Jane ❤

But God Believes in You, So Why Do You Not?

I am serious, God believes in you! He believes that you, little you, can do it. It is often very difficult to believe in ourselves, the world allows broken opinions to affect the way we think. We are constantly told, by ourselves and others, that we can not do it, that we will not make it through the dark into the light. I lack in self-belief far too much, constantly being affected by the corrupted world, 9 times of 10 believing that I probably can not do it; whether that be getting to uni, going to work, finishing an assignment in time, these being a select few. We think that we are the only ones that lack self-belief, that everyone else has it all figured out, but the truth is most people do not think they can. A lot of people are very good at hiding this weakness but a lot of people possess this attribute. God does not want us to think like this, He wants us and created us to be people with purpose. People who believed that with Him everything was possible and nothing was impossible. Matthew 19:26 says ‘With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible’, it speaks great truth showing that yes as people we are weak, that our strength may not get us very far but God promises that with Him we will find the armour that will turn our lack of self-belief into a sword in which we can conquer anything. No storm or fear can hinder us when we have the strength of God. God believes in you. He believes that you can do it. Do you not trust God? Surely if God knows you can do it then you can?!

It is not always easy to remember that God believes in us, He gave you that challenge in order to make you stronger because he knew that you succeed and grow at the same time. Sometimes what we have to do is take a leap of faith and know that God will catch us. If we believe that God will be our strength, then we are believing that we can do it.

Believe that with God you can, then you will.

God Bless

Amelia-Jane ❤


God, I Do Not Understand What You Are Doing!!

Honestly, right now I have noooo idea what God is doing. I don’t get it one little bit. I feel lost, broken and just rubbish; I know I am definitely not the only one. This past year has been a challenge, with my ability to get through it seeming to get weaker and weaker each second. Sometimes I do not think I will make it through, scraping through each day on my hands and knees. I find myself personally keep questioning God and his ways… ‘why would God do this?’, ‘Why would He let this happen?’, and ‘Why would He let me feel like this?’. Right now it feels like life is an exam. 
It is not supposed to be this way. Although we sometimes can not see God, our vision being narrow and blurred, He can still see us. He is carrying us when we can not walk, He provides strength and the armour. God sees everything we are going through, He knew it before it happened and is saving us. God is preparing us for a blessing, it may seem far off and for me right now it does but things happen in times we do not expect them. His timing is never late, never early, it is perfect. God uses our trials and storms to help us learn, grow and mature in our faith. There is always a lesson to learn that will help us become better people. We are covered in grace and love. When we are not strong God gives us more grace and strength to get through. No storm can hold us down because God the Almighty, the One that can move mountains is on your side.

Never give up, God has not left you. 
God Bless
Amelia-Jane ❤

Why Do We Choose To Do Things Alone???

I constantly try and do things by my own little self and let me tell you that never ever ever works. Also it never ever ever leads to happiness. It may provide temporary happiness with things that you think you need and want. But, honestly, at the end of the day that happiness does not last long. God is the only person that can bring permanent happiness, it may take you along a path you did not think would be the thing to make you happy but it turns out that it will be. 

It is very difficult to understand why we think that we are more powerful than God. His power is indescribable, it is unexplainable and it is more powerful than we can even imagine. God may not use his power how we think He will, but he will always use His power to help you and make something so beautiful happen. 

With God our strength is immense and with God we can do anything, even when we think we can not. We have to learn that when we have the choice to do something with God or without God, we should always choose God because with Him all things are possible. 

God chose you, now it is your time to choose God. 
God Bless 
Amelia-Jane ❤

Be A Warrior Not A Worrier

Wow, okay… brick wall vs. me. Guess who won- Yep the brick wall. I saw something yesterday that hit me hard, and I know it will resonate with a lot of others too. We are usually worriers at some point in our life, I am definitely sometimes too much of a worrier to be a warrior. That in itself can be a challenge that a lot of us struggle with but this is on a new level. Here goes: ‘Worrying is believing God will not get it right’… *tumble weed moment*. Now that is something that is really, really, really challenging and if that does not challenge you pleaseeee give me some tips! 

How can all this time I be worrying when God is right there. I can imagine it everytime I worry God is looking at me thinking, Amelia come on I got this even if you do not have the strength. Yet here I am still on the daily worrying about a whole lot of stuff and I know most of you do too. We have got piles of stuff even right now that is gripping us, it is so challenging not to worry. God does not shout at us for worrying but what He does want us to do is give that worry to Him (major culprit of not doing that; I am learning!). It is a big thing for a lot of us but that God that can move mountains can deal with all our anxieties. 1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him for He cares for you”, it says it right there in the Bible. God does not want us to live in fear and dread, He wants us to live in peace with Him. God’s power can overcome anything, He is the most powerful; He provides armour when we are weak. When we forget how brave we are, God provides the armour. 

God’s plan is beautiful. In fact it is even more beautiful than our definition of beautiful. You may not like a part of your life, maybe there is a bit of a tough phase but that is just a single, tiny jigsaw piece. Without that jigsaw piece that perfect picture would not be complete. If we worry about things, we are telling God that His plan is wrong. Imagine telling a child that their painting was rubbish just because of one little bit that we do not like. Well, as hard as it is too admit that is basically what we are telling God. We may not always understand what God is doing but that is where we have to have faith, right?
Trust will overcome worry: it takes time; it takes a leap of faith; it takes saying to God “I give you all”. Worry will solve nothing, but God can solve everything. He knows a way, He makes a way, He is the way. 

God will get it right. Have faith, trust and be ready to say to God “You knew I would make it”. 

Let God take your worries and turn them into faith. By Grace, through faith. 

God Bless 

Amelia-Jane ❤