Break Every Chain


So we sing so often about breaking chains but seriously do you actually know the true meaning of those words?! This is just my interpretation and just to warn you I am certainly no expert, I am not a vicar or anything, but I do love Jesus so here goes… for me it is about being free from the things, our daily life, sin, to name a few. We are humans and to put it bluntly not one of us is perfect. We may have been created in God’s image but our human flesh often takes us away from walking with Jesus. All we do that does not follow Jesus’ example adds another chain to us, it pulls us down more and more, we begin to sink. Sometimes we do not realise that we are sinking, but as we get deeper and deeper, often so close to the bottom we suddenly realise that something has to change. Those who do hit the bottom sometimes do not realise and often try and walk on the sinking sand, as you can imagine it is likely to be particularly difficult but hey ho, that is their choice and although I would like to help them free themselves some people truly do forget or are not aware of what it is like to walk on rocks, that rock is Jesus and it is much more of a smooth journey. Now that is not to say it is easy because sometimes the rocks can be rocky and sharp but nevertheless it is still better than walking on the sinking sand with chains holding us down. Now I can not speak for everyone else, however I am sure many of you will agree with me, that we often have lots of chains holding us down, I have definitely seen the bottom at times, maybe my toes have even lightly touched the floor. In these times it feels like we can not fight back, that all hope is lost, but I am here to tell you that it is not. No matter how many chains are holding you down and starving you from God, Jesus died to save us meaning we now have the opportunity to be free from the chains. That is what we are asking God for, to break all the chains, to take everything blocking the way between yourself and Jesus, to take away everything that is hindering your relationship with Jesus from flourishing.

When the chains have been broken, we are renewed. But it often is so difficult and every day more chains are added to us. But everyday we must offer everything up to God and say sorry for everything we have done. Now this does not excuse from doing things on purpose and thinking oh it is okay God will forgive me. It is a two way street and although God will forgive you no matter what you have done you have to make a concious effort to try and walk in the way Jesus did.

It is important to let God break the chains, let Him come into your life and fill You with glory. He will care for you, He will hold you in his embrace, He will guide you, He loves you!

Much Love and God Bless 💗


Everything And Nothing Less, I Give You


That is one massive statement, EVERYTHING AND NOTHING LESS I GIVE YOU, but as a Christian that is what we are saying. We are saying that we give our whole lives to Jesus, every single thing; our relationships, our possessions, our careers, everything! Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that it is easy, I certainly struggle to offer up everything to God. Our human flesh is what makes this difficult, it is what separates us and creates the sin, it is what stops our soul from walking by Jesus. Everyday I commit the sin myself, I am swayed by the materialistic things I have and everything else that comes along with that. The road is hard but when you finally take the leap to say to Jesus I offer up my life to you, everything and nothing less, your relationship with Jesus will be so strong and His love will shine out of you. Our earthly possessions are God’s, just look at like we are looking after them while we live on the earth. When we go and live in Heaven though we will just be our soul. None of the possessions will matter which means that we have to make sure that we feed our soul now so that when we get to Heaven we are ready. To feed your soul you have to try your best and walk by Jesus now. It is not always easy and I am definitely not always following in Jesus’ foot prints. I often try and create my own footpaths, which get me no where. They are dead ends. But everyday I pray and ask God to guide me in everything I do so that I can be filled with his love and grace. Pray and ask everyday for God to give you the opportunity to follow him and to not be broken by the things we have on earth.

God wants you to follow Him, He wants you to love Him as much as He loves you! God does not look at all you do wrong, He looks at everything in which you try to do to be the best you can. He is proud of you! No matter how small your steps, it is about moving forward and progression. He understands that you are not going to be perfect straight away in everything you do. That is why He sent Jesus down to die on the cross to save us… He loves you!
Much love and God Bless 💗

You Can Not Go Far Wrong Living For Jesus

Hey there,

Well you may be asking what do I mean?! It is simple really… if you live in a way that aligns with the way Jesus lived you will get on just fine. The path that Jesus tells us to follow may be the narrow path, because He never said walking with him was going to be easy, but He did say that it would be worth it. Walking with Jesus by your side is a privilege, well for me it is! We are always going to hit storms, my testimony explained many that I have been through, but God sometimes takes us into troubled waters not to drown us but to cleanse us. God knows what the plan is, He knows it off by heart! You have to believe that God will hold you close, no matter how many times you stumble and no matter how many times you walk on the wide, some say easy, road without him. You are His child, and He will guide you and love you through all. He will not give up on you no matter how many times you think that you have failed. You are NEVER a failure to God, and if there was only one person that will stick by you through thick and thin, well it is Him!

It could just be very easy to give up on God, to lead a life of no faith, but the security and happiness is unlikely to be strong. God holds us so close to Him that we are able to feel comfort when we trust Him. I can easily say that sometimes following Jesus is hard, particularly as it does not tend to fit social norms BUT I would have it no other way. Living in God’s grace is a beautiful thing and without Him I would not be the person I am today. He called you and me by name! He has a plan for us all; every individual! Listen out for Him, walk by Him, because you are undefeatable when you walk with Him!

Much love and God Bless 💗

My Testimony: I Am Not Perfect, But God Loves Me

I highly doubt that a huge number of people will read this, but I am still going to write this testimony, here goes…
I was brought up with a Christian family and the Christian morals were instilled in me from a young age, I was also christened. Although I went to a Christian faith primary school we did not go to church on a regular basis as a family, so I was not really sure what it all meant to me. We did go at Christmas and the odd other occasion but that was about it. It was not until I got to high school that a lady from church, that I knew through her son at primary school, told me about a church youth group. Very scared, at the age of 11 I went along to the youth group not knowing anyone that well, at the end of the day most of the people there had known each other for a lot longer as they went to church much more often. I was a very nervy child and hated going into situations were I knew very few people and would not stay away from home or anything, this was a big step for me!
I then went on to the next youth group up after making some lovely friends, who I am still best friends with to this day! Other than youth group I did not do a lot of other things regarding church and my faith.

Wanting to stand up to say I was a Christian was not an easy thing, but when given the opportunity to do the Youth Alpha course and get confirmed I was up for it. With my doubts I went along and to say I got a lot from it is an understatement. That is when I first started to understand what it was like to live as a Christian and I am so grateful to all the leaders there for helping me take the leap. The next nerve-racking but extremely exciting thing to happen was getting confirmed. I was finally going to stand up in front of my friends and family and God and say yes this is what I wanted, I wantedto be a follower of Jesus. I even got the privilege, although very frightening chance, to read out my testimony in front of the whole cathedral. But after I did it and nearly cried, I was made up that I had made this commitment.
Then when it was time to move on to the next youth group; super excited! I had some amazing friends and although I was not right there in my faith I was getting on quite well with it. New youth group meant evening church service! This was definitely something very different but I loved it.
I lost my grandad in 2013 and this was possibly one of the hardest things I have ever experienced. I remember seeing my grandad for the last time, I never thought for a second that I would never see him again. But it is almost like I knew, I gave him the biggest hug I have ever given anyone and told him I loved him, I can still remember it now. When I came home from school one day my dad opened the front door and was crying, I had never seen him cry before and I was very confused. When he told me, I burst into tears and screamed. I fell to the floor and this continued for about 10 minutes. I was so angry at God, I could not believe He had done this! But when I look back on it I know God did the right thing. My granddad was going to go in to hospital for a massive operation that may not have worked and could have caused him pain. I believe it was God’s way of letting my Grandad die naturally and in peace. It also strengthened my faith because, although I was angry, I knew God had done it for the good.
I have been to a few Christian events as well which really strengthen my faith. I have felt God in many ways and cried rivers of tears because of the Holy Spirit. I even had the privilege to speak in tounges thanks to one of my friends, I have never been more grateful. It allows me to feel like I can talk to God even when I do not know what to say to Him. One experience allowed me to pray with a lady who I did not know. It was after a song called ‘No longer slaves’, the song sent me in floods of tears because the words ‘I am no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God’. Listening to those lyrics is very difficult for me because although I know I am a child of God I often feel like a slave to fear…

My life seemed pretty easy up to then and although I was nervy I got on well. But as I have been getting older I have definitely struggled with anxiety…(Going to try and not cry as I write this as I have to go into uni soon!) It has never been super terrible but it definitely has a strong grip on my life. I feel like I am fighting myself sometimes, a full on inner war! It sometimes tries to pull me from God. Every day I wake up and think I really hate myself, I hate the way I look and always feel like no one will ever like or love me, I get annoyed at myself, sometimes for no reason whatsoever. I have a long way to go but I am fighting it with God by my side.

I am so grateful for all God has done for me and although I have a long way to go in my faith, I love Jesus! He saved me! He has given me the most amazing friends that help me so much in my faith. I have known many of them since the age of 5 and some 11 and some much less but all of them have touched my life and made my faith stronger. I have told some of them things that I could never tell most people and those people know who they are.

Thank you God for everything! 💗