Power of Prayer

No, you are NOT rubbish at prayer. Yes, sometimes we may feel our prayers should be better composed or more eloquent, yet often we can not even think of words and a sentence what on earth is that? Well here it is, God does not expect you to be an English professor. In fact he does not care what it sounds like; a beautiful melody, a rap song, a load of jumbled letters like alphabet spaghetti. Basically whatever it is, whatever it comes out as God understands. God is smart, He can discern every thought, cry, dream… everything that beams from our minds, hearts and mouths. 

Often we can feel like our prayers will not help anything, our lack of diversity in a tame vocabulary does not allow for “good prayers” or that is what we think. Summatively, God holds no assessment for the quality of our prayers, to him are prayers are not on a scale, each, no matter how it is expressed, is special. Believe in your prayers, believe that no matter how it sounds God understands and He is listening. 

Prayer is powerful. Yours prayers are powerful. God listens to every syllable. It is the best way to have a conversation with God. However, take a second to notice the word ‘conversation’, all prayers are powerful but prayers become more powerful when we listen to Him. Prayer is more about talking, it is about listening too. Learning to listen is challenging and something we have to take big steps and make changes to achieve this, you are not alone, but when you do your prayers will become conversations to the most powerful. 

If you are praying about it, God is working on it. 
Much love and God Bless,
Daughter of God 💗


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