Christ, my Rock

Storms, ‘what are they?’ I hear you ask. Well, I am certainly no expert or psychologist, but I can safely say that everybody’s storms are different, hence why we should not judge others because we truly can often never completely and utterly understand what they are going through (I agree we can show large amounts of empathy towards others because we understand their troubles but we often do not completely understand their true heart). 

Each can be different; it can be a light shower of sadness or a heavy thunderstorm of pain, but each immensely significant, so individual to our life story… what I would say though is just because one chapter of your “book” seems to be awful it does not mean that every chapter will be. Tomorrow is another day, a new start, and God is willing to give you this chance over and over; that does not in any sense mean we should take it for granted but it means that we can keep trying… 

God does not expect you to do this all on your own, He never expects us to do anything on our own, if we ask Him into our lives He will willingly help us and stand by us through everything. Our storms do not define us, they are merely an element to our life, which like in a chemical formula we can remove depending on what we do. We can rip away from the things that lead us to sin or cause us pain by finding strength in Christ. You are stronger than you know… many people are so proud of you… keep praying, there is no wrong way… call on your King, He wants to help you, He does not expect you to go through your storm alone; anxiety, depression, temptation, sin, fear, what ever it is. You are never too broken for Christ. HE LOVES YOU. 
Isaiah 26:4: “Trust in the LORD forever, For in GOD the LORD, we have an everlasting Rock”

Much love 

Daughter of God ❤ 


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