Break Every Chain


So we sing so often about breaking chains but seriously do you actually know the true meaning of those words?! This is just my interpretation and just to warn you I am certainly no expert, I am not a vicar or anything, but I do love Jesus so here goes… for me it is about being free from the things, our daily life, sin, to name a few. We are humans and to put it bluntly not one of us is perfect. We may have been created in God’s image but our human flesh often takes us away from walking with Jesus. All we do that does not follow Jesus’ example adds another chain to us, it pulls us down more and more, we begin to sink. Sometimes we do not realise that we are sinking, but as we get deeper and deeper, often so close to the bottom we suddenly realise that something has to change. Those who do hit the bottom sometimes do not realise and often try and walk on the sinking sand, as you can imagine it is likely to be particularly difficult but hey ho, that is their choice and although I would like to help them free themselves some people truly do forget or are not aware of what it is like to walk on rocks, that rock is Jesus and it is much more of a smooth journey. Now that is not to say it is easy because sometimes the rocks can be rocky and sharp but nevertheless it is still better than walking on the sinking sand with chains holding us down. Now I can not speak for everyone else, however I am sure many of you will agree with me, that we often have lots of chains holding us down, I have definitely seen the bottom at times, maybe my toes have even lightly touched the floor. In these times it feels like we can not fight back, that all hope is lost, but I am here to tell you that it is not. No matter how many chains are holding you down and starving you from God, Jesus died to save us meaning we now have the opportunity to be free from the chains. That is what we are asking God for, to break all the chains, to take everything blocking the way between yourself and Jesus, to take away everything that is hindering your relationship with Jesus from flourishing.

When the chains have been broken, we are renewed. But it often is so difficult and every day more chains are added to us. But everyday we must offer everything up to God and say sorry for everything we have done. Now this does not excuse from doing things on purpose and thinking oh it is okay God will forgive me. It is a two way street and although God will forgive you no matter what you have done you have to make a concious effort to try and walk in the way Jesus did.

It is important to let God break the chains, let Him come into your life and fill You with glory. He will care for you, He will hold you in his embrace, He will guide you, He loves you!

Much Love and God Bless šŸ’—


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