Everything And Nothing Less, I Give You


That is one massive statement, EVERYTHING AND NOTHING LESS I GIVE YOU, but as a Christian that is what we are saying. We are saying that we give our whole lives to Jesus, every single thing; our relationships, our possessions, our careers, everything! Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that it is easy, I certainly struggle to offer up everything to God. Our human flesh is what makes this difficult, it is what separates us and creates the sin, it is what stops our soul from walking by Jesus. Everyday I commit the sin myself, I am swayed by the materialistic things I have and everything else that comes along with that. The road is hard but when you finally take the leap to say to Jesus I offer up my life to you, everything and nothing less, your relationship with Jesus will be so strong and His love will shine out of you. Our earthly possessions are God’s, just look at like we are looking after them while we live on the earth. When we go and live in Heaven though we will just be our soul. None of the possessions will matter which means that we have to make sure that we feed our soul now so that when we get to Heaven we are ready. To feed your soul you have to try your best and walk by Jesus now. It is not always easy and I am definitely not always following in Jesus’ foot prints. I often try and create my own footpaths, which get me no where. They are dead ends. But everyday I pray and ask God to guide me in everything I do so that I can be filled with his love and grace. Pray and ask everyday for God to give you the opportunity to follow him and to not be broken by the things we have on earth.

God wants you to follow Him, He wants you to love Him as much as He loves you! God does not look at all you do wrong, He looks at everything in which you try to do to be the best you can. He is proud of you! No matter how small your steps, it is about moving forward and progression. He understands that you are not going to be perfect straight away in everything you do. That is why He sent Jesus down to die on the cross to save us… He loves you!
Much love and God Bless 💗


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